Monday, January 21, 2013

Starling and crows

When winter came the day and evening. The sky was overcast with clouds. The crow was sitting on a neem tree. They repeatedly caw were and were quarreling with each other. At the same time put a starling came and sat on the same tree. Given the many crows nesting down on him.

Poor Maina said - this dark cloud has grown so much. I have forgotten my nest so tonight let me sit here.

That said - it is our tree you go away from here.

Maina said - tree so all God has created. Should the rain and hail fell in the winter only God can save us. I am too young to have your sister, you have mercy on me and let me sit here.

Crows said we do not like you, sister. If you take the name of the LORD is a God of the trust does not go away from here. If you will not kill you all.

When the cockerel crows, they sit on in the evening when the trees begin to fight among themselves so they are not but they are fighting each other to kill and kaw kav. What branch crow who sit at night. This is not a quick fix. They fight again and again, yet another Cidya can he sit upon the tree. Mutual battle they rushed starling kill.

Kaँv the poor bird watching crows flying over kavaround to grab one and go away and sat on a mango tree.

The night came storm, thunder roared and large hail began to rain. Td like frost large potato - sheep were falling like a gunshot. By kav kav crow shouted. But here and there some very Skimming Olo hit of all wounded and fell to the ground. Many dead crow.

The common starling sitting on a branch that fell apart. Polly was put and was rotting from within. Breakdown put his roots in the tree became a Khonder. Small starling added into it and it did not even hail.

On a bright sunny morning and the clock Cdne. Manna from Khonder wings spread out and Uri tweet he worshiped God.

Ole crows lying wounded on earth to see the bird flying very painful asked - where are you getting starling sisters who rescued you from killing Olo.

Starling quote I was sitting alone on the mango tree and used to pray to God. Sad, helpless creatures Who else but God can save