Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adulation,Visionary, Not to the mind, Satisfaction Award


None of the Nmurad boyfriend asked, "Say Yes, why do not you got your lady love."

Poor said gloomily, "do not ask anything man! I have so much adulation that he understood his angel and we really only speaking men also avoided. "

Satisfaction Award

Assafuddulo was noble king. Who spreads her hands in front, he fills his bag was. One day he heard the monks singing - which give not give him Assafuddulo Maula. King was happy. He summoned Mystic has a big melon. Fakir took the watermelon, but he was miserable. He thought - melon will get you anywhere. King should have some valuable things.

After a while the king had undergone a mystic singing. Were telling him - then find Dilwac Maula, Maula Dilwac you find. Assafuddulo did not like it. He let reluctantly come to the Mystic. Mystic was running two has come and Zumt. Both were presented in the way of the mystics. They asked each other, 'What did the king? " Before the frustrated tone, said, "just got watermelon." Secondly the happily said, "I have met two to come." "You are the advantages brother", the first monk said.

The second monk said, "Maula given by the right." Mystic Mystic the other two to come before the melons sold. Mystic Melon was very happy with second. That happiness - happiness reached its whereabouts. He cut melons left, his eyes were torn. It was full of diamond gems. A few days later asking for the bailout was the first mystic Assafuddulo again. King recognized the mystic. He said, 'You're still asking? How it turned out that day was watermelon? " Fakir said, "I sold him two to come." King said, "Gentlemen, I have it for you filled the gems were diamonds, but you sold it. Your biggest weakness is that you do not satisfaction. If you have learned to be content so you get everything that you thought was not. But you did not have the satisfaction of watermelon. You began to expect. After you come to the mystic satisfaction award.

Not to the mind

A beggar in the morning - the morning turned out to beg. He barley in his bag while walking to put a handful of seeds. Totkae or superstition due to leave time for Bhichshatten beggars do not empty your bag. Bag to see what others think of it before someone has to give. Full day, the beggar was wondering if today will be the grace of God before me this evening bag will be filled.

The king of the highway in front suddenly comes riding on the same appeared. Beggar was happy. He thought the king's philosophy and meet them all the donations will remove poor, life will Sanwara. Like - comes near the ride as the king, beggar the imagination and excitement grew. As the king's chariot came close to a beggar, the king Arukkaaya his chariot, came close to him get off. So if the beggar stopped breathing began. But the king to return to her reverse their valuable spread sheets and begging in front of him began to crave. Beggar did not understand what to do. Yet he was still thinking that the king again crave.

 Beggar put his bag in hand, but always with a mind willing to take from others was not. Somehow can he extracted two grain barley and put them on a sheet of the king. Beggars found begging on that day over day, but they give two grains qualms about him going all day. Palte evening bag if she was not that surprising range. Barley which he had taken her two grains were gold. He understood that the charity is due to glory. The contrite that I wish At that time the king would have more barley, but could not because that was not used to giving.


A man of gold weighing scales have come to ask the jeweler. Goldsmith said,''Mian, take its course. I do not Tammy.''He said,''Do not joke, man, I want the scales.''

Goldsmith said,''I do not sweep in the store.''He said,''Msakhrie leave, I've come to ask for scales, the give and ludicrou,ss things do not become deaf.''

Goldsmith replied,''Hazrat, I had listen to you, I'm not deaf. You do not think that I'm evasive. Chopsticks are grateful to you old man. Whole body are Ka
pato. Your gold is some sawdust and some sawdust. So while your hands Hulte Kapaga and gold will fall if you come then that brother, so I just flick to the assembled gold Looan And do Buhar will collect dirt and gold, then sieve I should say so to hell Chanakara gold Ssko separated.
 Our shop where the strainer? I first saw your work last result foresight told you demand scales take place elsewhere.''

 Men who only sees the beginning of work, he is blind. Keeping in mind the results, it is wise. Men who already thinking ahead to take the matter, it does not be ashamed in the end.