Sunday, February 22, 2015

GOD and his forms,beautiful quotes ,Definitions of God

GOD and his forms

Once a man went into a wood and saw a beautiful creature on a tree. Later he told a friend about it and said, 'Brother on a certain tree in the wood I saw a red-colored creature!' The friend answered: 'I have seen it too. Why do you call it red? It is green.' A third man said: 'Oh, no, no! Why do you call it green? It is yellow.' Then other persons began to describe the animal variously as violet, blue, or black. Soon they were quarreling about the color.

In the like manner, one who constantly thinks of God can know His forms and aspects. God has attributes; then again He has none. Only the man who lives under the tree knows that the chameleon can appear in various colors, and he knows, further, that the animal at times has no color at all. Others not knowing the whole truth quarrel among themselves and suffer.

So God also appears to all of us in the form we see him . But in actual sense god is one
he has no form and he is the only power of creation under whose arms we are living  Just think your blessed to have a wonderful life called Human being accept what god sends your way he has planned everything good for you whatever happens, happens for our good so live this blessed life happy and ever happy forever Don't fight in the name of god giving names to his forms with different religions.. We are Human and Human being is our religion.

"No vision can grasp Him
But His grasp is over
All vision: He is
Above all comprehension,
Yet is acquainted with all things."

Some beautiful quotes about GOD

"When you have something going on in your life then just set it a side just keep on with whatever GOD is asking you to do. Stay focused on the future, not the problem."

"Where ever we go we want to impress each other with our outfits but GOD could care less about your outfits what HE is looking at how you are dressed spiritually. "

"We are always asking GOD for something but He has to prepare us for it. GOD has got the things prepared for you but now He has to prepare you for the thing."

"You have to get involved in making somebody else's life better and what you make happen for somebody else, GOD will make happen for you."

"One of the natural weaknesses of our GOD given temprament is impatience and you know every person shows up on planet earth with strength and weaknesses and GOD will show HIMSELF strong in our weaknesses if we depend on GOD in those weaknesses."

"We are supposed to wait expecting GOD to do something great any minute. And keeping that air of expectancy is what keeps life interesting and exciting."

"Gifts are given but fruits grows and develops. GOD puts the seed of goodness in us but the fruit must be develop in our lives with our own efforts."

"Every scripture says these two things,"trust GOD" and "keep being good to somebody else."

I asked for Strength
and God gave me Difficulties to make me Strong
I asked for Wisdom
and God gave me Problems to Solve.
I asked for Prosperity.
and God gave me Brawn and Brain to Work..
I asked for Courage..
and God gave me Dangers to Overcome.
I asked for Love
and God gave me Troubled people to Help
I asked for Favours.
and God gave me Opportunities
I reeceived Nothing I Wanted.
and Everything I Needed

Definitions of God

God is your faith & inner strength which guides you through out life. Helps you to judge the correct path, gives hope when all you're hope is gone, walks with you through out your life.its within everyone of us.
GOD just can not be defined. one who have felt Him, only that one can know Him. to me, He is just there, two c every one doing good and bad things. and give the fruits of those doings.depending upon the work being good or bad,well in time. we should never forget if we do anything wrong, later or sooner we will definitely get its effect on us, so God is that inner light in us that judges us and guides us two do good things. i just know a simple thing, that if we keep working good, thinking good then God  will always help us and we will definitely be happy.

Any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.
A man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people.
A material effigy that is worshipped.
The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions.

God is generosity, helping the poor and miserable, innocence of baby, oceans, mountains, cool breeze, flowers, mother's love ..and every divine thing on earth. We can be close to god by feeling these.
God is the uncreated. Atheists have a great difficulty in understanding God, because ask: Who created it? This question is as meaningless as to say: Who created the energy? Everyone knows that energy can not be destroyed, only changed. In a closed system, nothing comes and nothing comes out, you can not destroy the existing energy in it, so that at any given time your energy is reduced. Likewise, the same system, you can not create energy in order to increase it within this closed system. Thus, the energy has always existed, albeit in different forms of what we know today.

God is the most perfect form of organization of energy, present in all there is, positive, negative and neutral. Trinity ordering all of nature, organizing the microcosm and the macrocosm restructuring that exploded