Monday, May 30, 2011

God Darshan,Where is God?

Where is God?

In today's world maximum numbers of the people believe that God is omnipresent. But, on this issue few other people raise a question that if God is omnipresent and mightiest of all, He is our Supreme Father and is also an ocean of peace, happiness and bliss, then why peace and happiness is not there in this world? Many people have become atheist because of not getting an appropriate and logical answer to this question.

Few other people say that God is not separate from us and instead soul itself is God. But here comes the question that if soul itself is God, then what is the meaning and use of doing devotion, prayer, meditation, rituals, etc. If soul itself is God, then in reality there is no existence of any entity called God. In fact, soul remains as the only existing entity. In such scenario, no one remains, who can transform this world and show to all souls the path of liberation and liberation in life . Thus, people who are thinking seriously on this issue do not find this school of thought to be logical and appealing to intellect and so they get confused as to who at all is God and where He is?

Thus, the question arises as to what is the form of God and is He omnipresent or does He reside somewhere? This introduction can only be given by God Himself because God is the ocean of knowledge and is the creator of this world. The creator can only have the complete knowledge of himself and his creation. Thus we will discuss this issue on the basis of godly knowledge and logical intellect. To prove that God is omnipresent, there are many schools of thoughts, principles and belief.

There are also some people who have a great faith and love for the supreme authority. The God, the creator.
It is not just some hearing or some teaching for them, but they utilize the feeling in practical life.
They feel the support of God, because of love for him.
They feel safe and secure in their mind by feeling the presence of the Highest power with him.
They fear negative or sinful work because they know that God would not like it.
This feeling of God's company is a beautiful feeling.
But feeling and fact are two different things.
The feeling does not confirm that GOD is omnipresent.

God is Love.

If you have ever loved,

If you have ever been loved,

You have experienced God

from Within and Without

God is Truth.

If you have ever told the truth,

If you have ever discovered Truth,

You have experienced God

from Within and Without

God is Beauty.

If you have ever helped to create something beautiful,

If you have ever witnessed beauty in any of it's myriad forms,

You have experienced God

from Within and Without

God is Good.

If you have ever done or thought something good,

If you have ever recognized goodness in or through another,

You have experienced God

from Within and Without

All of those experiences, those gifts,

of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness

were directly from God through you. or to you.

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