Sunday, June 5, 2011

How I describe God

God is true

There is a supreme power in this world to control and manage all the things over here.
bhagvan is nothing but combination of five tatva
Our body is also made up of these five tatva thats why it is said that we all have bhagvan in us.
we can make our atma(soul)as param to make- paramatma and this can be done by many ways like yog,dhyan ,sadna etc in simple words just give 100 percent in work you are doing whether it is painting,music acting,studying,business,job in fact anything whether good or bad but it is advise to all the readers to follow the right path because 'bure ka ant bura hi hota hain' if we take example from history ram and Raven both were 100 percent in their work but ravan's end we all know!! another example Kans OK latest example virapan what was his end??so its better to go in right direction and follow your good qualities, first we may have many problems but later on all things will be okay
In future Amitabh Bacchan may also treated as some avatar due to his perfection in acting Which is his work .
God is Invisible ,but have to have faith in understand his presence.
Have to have fear in him to see his punishments
Have to have patience in him to check his good hands over you.
Only prob. is i become restless at times,spend tiring and tensed days and night for late.
Hopefully God gives my dues at the earliest..Need them very badly
GOD is one whom cannot be destroyed...
GOD has no end; i.e.; he is spread all over the universe which has no starting point and ending point..
In Hinduism god is described as "ayonijudu" which means he is not born from any physical body...
Bible says "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God .

Quran says "He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetter not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him." .

God is almighty, he do not have separate shape or particular name. He'll respond 2 every name which really mean him with a holy heart of any devotee. here one should understand that we should trust him completely and leave our whole life into his hands because he know more about our life than anyone.
According to me religion must be like a path or a high way road to reach god.. So trusting god is important than religion we belong too. Comparing the god with the things present in this world is sin.
Accepting our mistakes or sins in-front of the god is another important thing that a man should do as we all know we are human beings and every human being makes sin. Accepting than sin boldly in-front of that almighty who knows everything and asking him for apologize is important. Now as a person belonging to god we should not repeat that sin again.
We should share our all feelings either it is sadness or happiness with god as he is like our father and bares all our responsibilities.

G- Glorious
O- Omnipotent
D- Divine

GOD means
"G" - Generate !
"O" - Operate !!
"D" - Destroy !!!