Friday, January 6, 2012

What is Spirituality ?

Spirituality revolves around God, devotion on Him and His service. The word adhyatma (spirituality) means adhi-atma i.e., controller of soul. God is the controller of soul .
So, the whole of adhyatma deals with goal (God), path of pleasing God and yourself (soul). This is called Triputi.

Spirituality revolves around God
‘adhi ‘ means ‘towards’ And ‘atma’ means self.
Other meaning of ‘atma ‘ is soul or spirit.
God is named as ‘paramatma’’
When we say adhi-atma, means a journey towards self.
Knowing the self,
Following the self.
There are three main characters of spirit.
Love, independence and integrity.

So those who follow these three basic characters of spirit, are spiritual. If we connect spirituality with god,  Then logically it can be concluded that those who do not believe in the existence of God, atheist,
Can not become spiritual . Spirituality does not revolve around God but it revolves around spirit.
Sanatan Dharma is very vast and multi-sartorial.

There are different schools of thoughts, but unfortunately follower of one sect, or one school, always believe and try to prove that his sect or school is right and others are wrong.

There are six darshanas in sanatan religion.
1] sankhya 2] yoga 3] mimansa 4] Vedanta 5] nyaya 6] vaisheshik

Sankhya was written by Shree kapil muni.  As per sankhya theory, the universe is nothing but the combination of Purush and Prakruti.

All the living beings are also the result of Purush and prakruti.
Purush is the prevailing live-force, commonly known as Chetna.
The rest is known as Jada or prakruti. Sankhya never believed in the God.
The second big religion of the world is Buddha, Bhagavan Buddha has never mention anything regarding God, as a Creator of the universe.

There are majority of scientists, rationalists, and others who do not believe in god,  Yet they are Spiritual.  More human, more integrated and more truthful.