Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh My God


Mostly we all have seen this movie OMG. After seeing this movie public thinking may change. Somewhere this movie shown good and somewhere they fully changed God Concept.

Some people can not remember God without temples, photo etc because nastik prayer is very tough and difficult to concentrating on God.

In movie somewhere people think there is no God but at the end Kanchi bhai also believe on God due to presence of God.

Somewhere movie is confusing to peoples somewhere its goes very smoothly. I think God concept is always confusing so my advice is people should love God and remember or pray to God as his way but by heart.

Only good things need to take from movie like help to poor peoples, do not waste your money on wrong place,pray to God by heart not by show yourself more just do more and show less.

Do publicity of God. Keep in mind God and peoples both are compliment to each other so be in touch with God always.

I hope you got my ideas due to OMG Movies. so thank to all actors of OMG movie for producing such kind of movie.

We hope to more movie Like OMG.