Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deep thinking of swan

Was a big giant trees. He laughed Bisiyon lived. They had a very clever Hans, intelligent and very perceptive. Everyone respected her 'uncle' was the call. One day she got a little - little bell on the tree trunk Liptte found below. Other swans called Tau, "Look, please delete the vine Bell one day it will take all of us into the jaws of death. "

 A young swan said laughing, "tau, it is small - Bell will take us into the jaws of death?"

Syane Hans explained, "today you small - look. Slowly wrapped the tree trunk, killing all come up. Belka will be thicker stem and will stick to the trees, then the ladder will be bottom-up, Pedpr Cdne. Any predator will reach the staircase Cdkrhm support and we will die. "

Hans did not believe the "one small step will be to Bell?"

Third goose said "tau, ye so small - Bell is dragging too long."

Bdbdaya a laugh, "the uncle to put his Aclka Rob Ant - Shunt story is making."

The other Swan tau taken seriously. Where did they get to see sense so far?