Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeling of God

Saint Namdev as usual with his pupils were engrossed in discussing religion. Then a curious question him sat - Master, it is said that God is present everywhere, experience how it can be done? Can you suggest a way of its realization? Namdeo smiled to hear it. Then he told me to get him a jar and a little salt. Attendance of pupils has increased curiosity.

He thought, I do not want to use them, which Gurudeva. The salt and water to salt water, the saint asked to leave. When salt dissolves in water, so the saint asked - Tell me, do you see the salt? Curious said - not the Master, then the salt dissolves completely - got. The saint told him tasting water.

He said to taste - Yes, the salt is present but not visible. Now the saint told him to boil water. Water vapor became complete when the saint asked - what it does it? Lotte had looked keenly curious and said - yes, now it is showing salt. The saint explained - not visible in the middle of the salt water, the same way that God can be experienced everywhere but he did not see. Salt water got hot and the way you act in the same way also the proper tenacity and find God can do it. Sant Namdev hearing the interpretation of those present were neck.