Sunday, January 20, 2013

Four gems for life

Greece Mahatma Aflatoon called to his four sons and said he was dying,- I want to give you four gems before die. I hope you will take care of them and these gems will make your life happy.

The first gem I 'sorry' to convey - Whatever anyone says to you, you will never forget her keep and bring her out of your mind the idea of ​​retribution.

Giving another gem meek ​​explained that you should forget the favor.

Third gems - believe that humans have marked it on his own Hridayptl anything good and evil is not what the legislation is the creation of the comptroller.

Fourth gems, quietness - Always keep in mind that all have to die one day.

Do not let the people find worldly possessions - what to do, but by following these four gems as happy as if they were children.