Monday, January 21, 2013

One more story of Crow

One day the crow lying in the desert Puncen saw lots of peacocks. He is very pleased and said: - Good God! You have a good turn, heard my cry. I have become more substantial of these tails.

The crow was put around his tail Puncen of the peacocks. Then he asked to see the new look - now I have become even more beautiful with peacocks. I am going to celebrate with them, enjoy them now.

He jumped in front of peacocks proudly. Peacocks saw him put the sides. A peacock said - just look at the evil crows. It has to be a peacock by our Puncen discarded. Find crooks Chonchon and toes tightly - tightly dusting. Heard it all down on and kill more crows - have beat him dead. Crow ran - ran out to other crows peacocks began to complain of an old crow said - listen to this vile things! It ridicules our lives and more to become demented. No knowledge that such a creature is not satisfied with his race, he finds everywhere insult. After being punished by the peacocks came to visit us today. Find tightly to kill the traitors. So listen to her all the crows in good repair.

The essence of the story is that God created us in the format, that his deeds should focus on being satisfied.