Monday, January 21, 2013


Jalandhar Datyraj legendary predictably once had to battle with Lord Vishnu. Of God all the day long struggle despite efforts did not defeat Jalandhar.

But this failure was considered by Sri Hari is not the monster finally killed. Then the attractive wife Vrinda's tenacity Datyraj to know the force of his death remains restrictive. Until then, it will not corrode tenacity force can not be defeated by the monster. This is the form of God Jalandhar and nun with the austerity of Vrinda also broke her chastity. In this task the Lord deception and duplicity used.

Later in the war, he won the war Jalandhar slaughter. Brinda trick on his tenacity and faithfulness of God revealed to finish and then she was furious, cursed shrihari that you get the stone.

The curse of the Lord accepted the same passion in his mind Rai was generated. God told her that Vrinda you become trees to provide shade. Vrinda Tulsi same as occurred on earth and God made Salagrama. Kartik Shukla Ekadashi Thus the basil - evolved to Salagrama.