Friday, July 12, 2013

Kaalsarpa yoga

Kaalsarpa yoga is a myth.Rahu/ketu may give good or bad results depending upon there placements.

Kalasarpa yoga is not a within south India the graha kundali is known as RAASI CHAKRAM that means Raahu (RA of raahu)Sikhi (SI of sikhi ie kethu)chakram. resembles of the important of raahu and kethu.

The vedic astrology which is based on our ancient vedas, has no description of Kal Sarap yoga .
even the persons who believe in that cant say that there is kal sarap yog in your horo because as per them if all the planets are in between rahu and ketu a kal sarap yog is there . and in your horo Jupiter and moon are out of this It doesn't affect in any way in a personal horo.

KAAL sarp yoga or dosha is a matter blown out of proportion.. it is true that there is no mention or reference of such yoga in our classical vedic astrological texts and books.
it is said that MISFORTUNES never come singly.. so in this case.. when not satisfied with kal-sarp a new concept ardh kal sarp or chahya kal sarp was formulated.