Friday, February 21, 2014

God exists inside us

As we hear that God exists inside us but I think how we can understand that. We did not seen God then how we can feel God. I will try to understand about God inside us.

God exists inside us.

How its possible that God exists inside us. How we can feel God inside us than I want to give one example..
One man drink more and more one day his wise was very ill and he goes to doctor and Doctor written some medicine to buy. He goes to medical store and in front of medical store there was bear  bar he does not have enough money to go to drink and he need to buy medicine also but due to his drinking habit he was not able to stop him then he was going to drink when he was buying bear bottle then he again realize that his wife is ill if she will not be well then life will be nothing then he given bottle back to bear shops and he buy medicine and back to home . He told that thanks God.

So I want to tell you that is God inside us who alert us time to time when we need but some times we follow alert and some time do not follow when we do not follow it means we are following Ghost inside us.