Thursday, December 4, 2014

Views On Jyotish

I have read lot of views on Jyotish finally I think Jyotish  Science is somewhere right but not 100% right. In Jyotish Palmistry,Numerology predictions right if you have right birthdate and time. 

But no one can prove it 100%  its game of possibilities. I have listen lot of stories for future prediction but no one predict past right so it create suspension in our mind.

But in you hast line if you read any book and understand all terms then you can know lot of things about you happen in past as well as future.

Actually there is no true person Jyotish today.All are here to earn money so they make us fool .

If your luck is good you get right person then you could know value of Jyotish.
I shown my hand to one pandit at my village and whatever he predicted for me all comes right in future so I started believe in Jyotish.

I also read some time book of jyotish to learn it but I feel difficult to learn there are lot of practice and learning required.

Its huge subject to learn. Its all are my viewes what are your views friends.