Monday, September 7, 2015

How to think positive on negative situations?

How to think positive?

There are many times when we not able to think positive for all situation but if you think positive for all situation then you will never face any problem in your life.

One day my friend came to me and discussed something then I told him whatever happen in the world there is some good things in other word whatever happen always its good.

Then second day bomb explosive done in the city then my friend came to me told that this is not good and you told yesterday that whatever happen always its good so you are wrong then I told him for one point its good some people died then some population reduced you know whatever population of our country then he disappointed again.

Same way we face lot of bad situation but need to think positive to convert it in good condition so things happen never bad but our thinking make it good or bad.

I want to set one another example to convert thing positive for you ,one of my friend working on good IT company but he become anger one negative mails of clients then he reply to client negative then he face lot of problem daily.

One day he came to me and told me to handle such kind of situation then I give advice to him that do not reply negative mail immediate give some times to think about it then reply on next day.

He tried this and smiling till today.

Reason was that when he replied immediately  then he write word with anger then negative things he also write but next day he become cool to reply so no problem.

Same way your thinking can make your life good and with happiness but you need to think in positive manner.