Friday, April 22, 2016

The God is one definitions are many.

The God is one definitions are many. Its true that if you will discuss about God then you will get more confuse.

I would like to summarize different discussions about God here.

Some people says that kan kan me hai Bhagwan but my observation is God is not in kan kan but our believe did it. God  is depend upon our feeling if you feel that God is in stone then God is there but if you not believe that God is in stone then God is not in stone for you.

Some people says God is one my observation is if God is one then how  its in every things if in everything God exist then God is at multiple places and its many but our thinking can made a single God we can same that same God is in everything so God is one.

Some people says that God is in our heart my observation is if God is in our heart then why crime happens in the world because God can not do crime but it can be possible that God is in heart but God does not control our karm.

God is in Gurudwara,God is in Temple, God is in Bible ,Kuran ,Bhagwat Geeta etc but still if we do not believe then God is not there.

As per my observation all things are sources to Feel that God is in our heart if you are able to feel that God is in your heart then you do not need to go any other place to search God.

You can find God in your self. On old time Rishi Muni did long time prayer at Jungle and finally Got God Asirwad or verdan so they do not go any other place they find God at single place.

Some peoples in world feel that God does not exist but I think if God does not exist then how world is functioning , who is controlling the world and earth.

There is some power behind it so we all should believe that God exist and he is looking and recording our karm.

So God afraid is also required to control the crimes otherwise crime will be unlimited. We all responsible to do publicity for God to save our earth.